Happy Heart Day-Chocolate Truffles Royale

20120214-201149.jpgEvery year before Valentine’s day, the Women of the Family (WOF) would come to my Mom’s kitchen to make homemade truffles together. We came armed with ready-to-scoop bowls of chocolate ganache. We mixed chocolate and whipping cream with scrumptious boozy flavours like Rum, Grand Marnier and Kahlua. Just to name a few. We would scoop, roll and dunk the truffles into bowls of chopped nuts, cocoa, coconut, and melted milk, dark and white chocolate. And we would make truffles for our men, for our friends and for each other for Valentine’s Day. We would also bring pretty little bags and boxes to package them in. I’m a little homesick this February, so I decided to make them myself, for the first time ever. I think hubby likes them. Well, he better! I mean, c’mon, homemade chocolates!

Chocolate Truffles Royale
Source: The New Basics Canadian Cookbook

6 oz. chopped semi-sweet chocolate
6 Tbsp whipping cream
2 Tbsp Chambord
Cocoa for rolling

Add chopped chocolate and whipping cream to a bowl, placed over a pot of simmering water. Stir until melted and remove from heat. Whisk mixture until well blended and add Chambord, storing until blended. Chill in fridge until firm. Scoop truffle mixture into small balls and roll in Cocoa. I added Steph’s vanilla sugar to the cocoa, at her wise suggestion.




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