Whistler Weekend: wine, food and skiing

20120327-212642.jpgWe spent last weekend in Whistler, where the food played out as prominently as the skiing did. We could have survived in post-apocalyptic times for about a month with all the food we brought. We divvied up meal responsibilities for the weekend and Louie and Nat were on for the Friday night line up. I skied with the boys that day and the hearty meal they prepared filled me up right on down to my wobbly legs. -bvox

They made oven-baked Ratatouille (I call it Louietouille, hoping to try Natatouille one day), creamy garlic smashed potatoes, green salad and big BBQ’d steaks. And the wine was flowing freely. After Alicia’s cheese plate and Dee’s birthday cake, we were all stuffed.

On Saturday night, after relaxing and bathing with the girls at Scandanave Spa, hubby and I made a late night meal of poutine, roasted broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce, and orange, cucumber and mint salad (thanks for the inspiration Lisa). And hubby BBQ’d some happy pork chops. Again, the wine was flowing.


Paul and Dee sent us off on Sunday morning with a breakfast of cinnamon scented pancakes, scrambled eggs with peppers and tomatoes, bacon and fresh berries.


It was a fun, relaxing weekend with awesome friends, great food, and plenty of wine and laughs. And oh yah, the skiing wasn’t bad either.


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2 thoughts on “Whistler Weekend: wine, food and skiing

  1. Natalie Way March 29, 2012 at 7:04 pm Reply

    With BVox “at the table”, you KNOW the food needs to be on par. And it was – thank goodness, because without skiing myself (sorely missed), it became a major highlight! Well, next to the wine

    Loved the post – the long Whistler weekend lives on!

    xo Nat

    • Shiny Tomato March 31, 2012 at 7:57 pm Reply

      I gotta bring it with the Wapos! Viva la Whistler!

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