Cucumber Orange Salad with Mint

This delightful salad was introduced to me by Lisa. It is a refreshingly simple refreshing salad. I felt like having a light easy dinner and happened to have all of the ingredients on hand. This isn’t hard because it only has three ingredients. Cucumber. Orange. Mint. I’m growing a crop of mint in a pot on the deck and while not nice enough to enjoy mojitos on the deck, the mint was ready to be trimmed and shredded into something. -bvox

Cucumber Orange Salad with Mint
(ala Patrick)
1 english cucumber
2 oranges, peeled and segmented
1/2 cup chopped mint

Mix all ingredients together and adjust by preference. You don’t need dressing because the juice of the orange naturally does the work!

The salad went really well with one of our favourite dinners: bread, cheeses, olives, salami for hubby and ripe shiny tomatoes. The bread is key and lately I’ve been enjoying the hearty dense multi-grain from A Bread Affair. In the summer months you can find this yummy bread at the Farmer’s Markets and throughout the year at Les Amis du Fromage.


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